Kindness Trumps All

Not many are familiar with the concept of kindness, and it is a lot harder in practice then one tends to believe it is. Human beings, nature, animals – one needs to stop and think how their actions are being unkind to each, and refrain whenever possible from causing any uncalled for misery. Life is difficult as it is for all living beings on Earth and the last thing that I’d ever do is inflict misery upon another for gratifying my selfish needs or base emotions. I am working upon the kind of person that I want to be. A work in progress is what I am and will always be.

By constantly evaluating one’s actions and reactions, it is possible to arrive at a solution for weaknesses we are inherently born with as humans. These are failings that go unnoticed until you start training your mind to question and to be insatiably curious to explore deep into your own psyche before you can question the actions of others. There’s freedom for those who choose to embrace only the best of emotions and actions that separate us from being nice when there’s something to be gained to actually being kind.


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