On Sweating Profusely

There’s nothing I despise more than my sweat glands acting overtime. It’s something that’s sure to drag me out of my imaginary world and bring me back to reality. In my imagination, there’s no place for something as drab as sweat. Summers suck. How I wish to be sent to Siberia and be banished from wherever it is that I am at the moment. Snow through the year and a winter that chills my bone will be nothing short of bliss, and Heaven right here on bloody Earth!


Insomnia Makes You Productive

Another sleepless night! Nothing new. I finished painting 3 canvases and now they hang on the walls of my living room. One is a Wancho man with eyes that look deep into your soul, the second one is of a Parisian cafe with a girl and her umbrella, and the 3rd and my favourite one – Romance in Paris.

Sadly, I can’t click any photos today.

My camera fell and crashed when I went crazy clicking photos of the rain yesterday. I threw my phone on the wall and it fell apart. The camera falling apart was an accident; the phone a deliberate one. I absolutely love looking back at all those moments when I have thrown the phone outta my car, windows of various buildings and at times, destroyed it by stepping on it a million times – I find it very relaxing. I tend to overreact when I see silly messages and I have a bit of a temper when it comes to dealing with stupidity of any kind.